Gear for Van living – The list.

I’ve spent so much time finding exactly the right stuff that make our van camping time work. The more dialed in you are to what you need and what you don’t the better your van life will be. Below is a list of many things that have worked for us.

Lesson: 180 lbs of dog make it a lot harder to move around in the van, and smellier too. Scented candles and Juniper Ridge sprays are a necessity, but bears are attracted to scents, so keep them inside the van.


Van upgrades:

Sprinter front matts– keeps the mud and dirt up front. When we’re coming in the van dirty we enter in front passenger door and stomp feet off there. 

Jerry cans for extra gas storage that can bolt onto rear door of Sprinter.

Birch Tree Wallpaper – removable, perfect forest vibe for outdoor life inside the van.

Folding door for van bathroom, this is flexible and takes us little space.

Unbreakable mirror

12 v. lighting – minimal and has switches from a blue night light to a nice focused reading light.

Food and Water organization: 

Fresh water storage – these 5 liter bottles fit perfectly in the Sprinter side doors, and we stack them in cabinets. We have 5 for which gives is almost 7 gallons of drinking water.

Paper towel holder that fits inside our deep storage cabinet

Pantry and Refrigerator storage. Small bins for condiment bottles and medium bins.

Pots and pans basketbasket for towels

Food organization metal baskets, minimal and good looking

Making any campsite work for week:

Compact picnic table and benches. We use this table to grill on or when boondocking as our outdoor dinner table. The little stools are perfect as drink/food tables next to camp chairs. We use them all the time.

Rain/Mosquito tent – super easy to put up, fits in our rack and keeps camp gear, fishing stuff dry and out of the rain.

Extra 12v. Cooler for storing produce or beverages

Non electric clothes washer.

Small wooden magentic knife holder – we have 3 good knives and this rack holds several other useful kitchen tools.

Soap and moisturizer dispenser.

Compact gas grillnewer model