Our first van

It was good looking, floor plan made sense, features made sense, the size was perfect and the material finishes photographed well, but this was not the van for us. Unfortunately we didn’t figure that out until after we purchased it and took it on a two week trip to Utah. Ours was a 2016 model that we bought with dreams to head to Alaska in the summer of 2017. This van is built on the Ram Promaster chassis, and it has some pros but in comparison to the Mercedes Sprinter it felt cheap. This van did not feel sturdy, the van the suspension and the build quality felt like it would not last, especially in comparison to the Sportsmobile Sprinter van we got next. Perhaps if your intended use is highways and RV parks and it really makes you happy to push a button to roll out an awning or put down a seat then it’s could be a good choice. We’d rather forgo the motors for a manual crank any time. So the Sportsmobile is a better fit for us.