Sportsmobile Sprinter 4×4 – a year and a half post purchase


We’ve had this van now for close to a year and a half, we picked it up in April of 2018. We had it on order for about 15 months at Sportsmobile West and that was painful, but the wait is now forgotten and the van is pretty perfect. We’d love for it to be smaller on the outside, but have the same space on the inside, and we’d love it if the Sprinter was wee bit wider and a wee bit shorter, but given that those things are not happening the van pretty great and only very small details leave room for frustration, which are the shower, and how long it takes for the Espar to heat the water. Earlier this year we had a pretty big suspension upgrade done at Agile Offroad , before the upgrade it felt sturdy overall, but it would sway felt and clunky to drive. It’s more responsive and there is no sway now. It drive great on rough roads and speed bumps no longer cause stress.

Last year we spent 2 months traveling to Canada and Alaska in the van, and this year we spent 1 month. Other than that we use it almost weekly for some reason or another, either camping somewhere that is a bit of a drive, or just make more of an adventure out of a trip that would be more fun that way.  When ever we return from a long trip we really wonder why we have so much stuff and so many rooms at “home”. We’re totally content living out of the van.