Alaska Camper Van Trip

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Our summer vacation in 2017 was spent traveling for 2 months in our camper van. We started in Sausalito CA (our home) traveled north through BC (on the Cassier Highway), the and a bit of the Yukon. At Haines Junctions (in the Yukon) we turned south and headed to Haines Alaska. After some time in Haines we loaded our family and our 22ft. Sprinter Van on to the Alaska Marine Highway Ferry and headed to Sitka. From Sitka we took the ferry to Petersburg AK and Wrangell AK, then headed down to Prince Rupert BC, and Vancouver Island. We got back on on the road again in Port Angeles Washington and meandered home through Crater Lake and some did some great camping in Northern CA. It was hard to get back and we could have continued to travel and live out of our van for many more months, but we had a child needed to get back to start 7th grade.

I did my best to condense our 2 month adventure into 8 minutes in this video.